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About Us

Alcohol Rehab Help is an informational web guide founded in 2020. Our site was created to help those struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD), substance use disorders (SUD), and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. We help individuals understand their addictions and find the best treatment option based on their unique situation and individual needs.

All content is written by our team of journalists, researchers, doctors, and medical professionals and is fact-based and original. It is sourced from current scientific research, such as scholarly articles, textbooks, government agencies, and medical journals. Lastly, every article is fact-checked by an addiction counseling expert before publication. 

Sources of funding do not affect the quality of our content. We thoroughly vet all companies that we partner with to provide services for our readers.
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Who are we?

Alcohol Rehab Help is owned and funded by Treatment Pathway LLC, an informational marketing company that specializes in producing authoritative medical content based on addiction literature, accredited scientific journals, and current research in the field.

Our Team

We work to provide free resources to help people better understand their addiction and motivate them to make the first step in seeking support.
Alyssa Hill
Content Contributor
Alyssa Hill earned her B.A. and M.A. in Journalism from the University of Arizona. After graduation, she decided to pursue writing, researching, and editing full-time. Now, she is the lead content writer and manager at Alcohol Rehab Help. Her mission is to educate and inform the public about the importance of substance addiction treatment. This includes producing authoritative content on abuse prevention and when treatment is necessary for you or your loved one.
Michael Bayba
Content Contributor
Michael Bayba earned his B.A. in English and Linguistics from the University at Buffalo. Upon graduating, he began researching, writing, and editing full-time. His passion for promoting health and healing in communities around the world has led him to create evidence-based and research-backed content on addiction. His mission is to help individuals with physical and mental health disorders find support and get the treatment they need to recover and live a healthy life.
Jordan Flagel
Jordan Flagel
Content Contributor
Jordan is a policy specialist with graduate degrees in sustainable resource management and environmental science. He has worked for think tanks, NGOs, and the UN and written for publications such as Maclean's, QB Labs, and Matmatch Materials Science. Jordan hails from Canada but has spent the majority of his adult life in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Ellie Swain
Ellie Swain
Content Contributor
Ellie Swain earned her B.A. in Sociology from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. After working in digital marketing and copywriting after graduating, she transitioned to full-time freelance writing and editing. Ellie has a passion for social causes and writes regularly on issues of homelessness in which physical and mental health disorders are common among rough sleepers. She aims to create authoritative and research-backed content on addiction to encourage people to find the support and treatment they need.
Anthony Armenta
Anthony Armenta
Content Contributor
Anthony Armenta earned his B.A. in International Relations from the University of California, Irvine. After graduation, he decided to live abroad in Spain. Currently, he has spent the past 5 years working as a freelance health content writer and medical editor for different public hospitals in central Barcelona. He has covered different medical specialties from infectious diseases and pneumology to breast cancer and plastic surgery. His commitment to writing fact-driven, health-related content stems from the belief that such type of information can empower all individuals to take action and improve their health today.
AnnaMarie Houlis
AnnaMarie Houlis
Content Contributor
AnnaMarie Houlis earned her B.A. in Journalism & New Media with a double minor in Creative Writing and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies from Gettysburg College. She spent several years as an editor at the helm of New York CIty's lifestyle scene before transitioning into full-time freelance writing from all corners of the globe. A full-time traveler, AnnaMarie's work is inspired by her fieldwork in communities around the world and grounded in extensive, expert-backed research. Her mission is to empower readers everywhere with the knowledge and resources they need—for overcoming addiction, included.
Annamarie Coy
Senior Medical Reviewer
Annamarie Coy earned her B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Substance Abuse Counseling from Ohio Christian University. Annamarie is a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach, Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist, and completing her Licensed Addiction Counselor internship. She was an addiction specialist in the state prison system, then turned her fervor and enthusiasm into a multiple disciplinary treatment in the private sector.
Alcohol Rehab Help Staff
Content Contributor
All unique content published on Alcohol Rehab Help is written by our team of journalists, researchers, doctors, and medical professionals. We source our information from current scientific research and every article is fact-checked by an addiction counseling expert before publication.

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All content created by Alcohol Rehab Help is sourced from current scientific research and fact-checked by an addiction counseling expert. However, the information provided by Alcohol Rehab Help is not a substitute for professional treatment advice. For more information read our about us.

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