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Updated on March 3, 2023
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Best Sobriety Podcasts

Kelly Brown
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Kelly Brown
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20 Best Sobriety Podcasts to Listen to in Recovery

Podcasts are one of the most popular ways to enjoy content nowadays. You can find a podcast for just about any topic. This includes podcasts that discuss alcohol abuse, the benefits of living a sober life, and the challenges of the recovery journey.

These podcasts are great for people who want to drink less alcohol or avoid it completely. They can be a supplement to therapy and 12-step programs or used independently. You don’t need to be a problem drinker to enjoy the discussions and interviews in these podcasts.

We’ve divided our list of some of the best sober podcasts into categories. However, you don’t need to be a part of a particular group to get something from any of these. Give them all a try until you find a few that are relatable, educational, and entertaining.


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For Everyone

1. The Sober Therapist

The Sober Therapist began in 2018. The podcast is hosted by a Clinical Counselor and Master Coach Lynn Matti. She provides information about evidence-based alcohol use disorder treatment. Her goal is to help people achieve sobriety using proven tools, professional guidance, and holistic mental health tactics.

2. The Shair Podcast

This weekly podcast, hosted by life coach Omar Pinto, began in 2015. Pinto interviews people experienced with alcoholism and recovery. He also does one-on-one coaching calls during the podcast. The goal is to help callers and listeners change their unhealthy habits. He shares tips for dealing with life’s greatest challenges.

3. Recovery Rocks

Co-hosts Lisa Smith and Tawny Lara talk about recovery from a Gen X and millennial perspective. They cover sober living, relationships, anxiety, and forgiveness. Occasionally the women host special guests and explore topics in-depth.

4. Soberful

Recovery experts and co-hosts Veronica Valli and Chip Somers share insight about recovery and sober living on this podcast. Both have professional and personal wisdom regarding AUD. Through interviews and discussions, the two cover a range of topics, including trauma, sober curiosity, and long-term recovery.

5. Recovery Happy Hour

Hosted by Tricia Lewis, this long-running podcast discusses the joys of sober living and the challenges of addiction recovery. Lewis stopped drinking in 2016. She interviews guests who have also chosen sober life and covers topics that include life after drinking and how medication can support sobriety.

6. In Recovery with Dr. Nzinga Harrison

Hosted by board-certified physician Dr. Nzinga Harrison, this podcast explores the complexities of addiction and substance use disorders. The podcast focuses on helping people struggling with substance use understand their disorder. 

Dr. Harrison answers listener questions she receives through voicemail, tweets, email, and more. 

7. Sober Curious

Podcast host Ruby Warrington, author of the book Sober Curious, explores the term's meaning and interviews people in the sobriety community about their lifestyle and choice to avoid alcohol. Warrington is also a co-founder of Club Soda NYC, a sober curious social group. 

8. Sober Speak

This podcast is intended to be a companion to Alcoholics Anonymous. Many 12-step participants find it a supportive in-between-meetings tool. 

It isn’t directly affiliated with the 12-step program, but it invites group members to share their experiences and challenges with the program. 

9. The ODAAT Podcast

Hosted by Arlina Allen, this podcast focuses on living a sober life one day at a time. Allen abused alcohol for years. She understands how it damages one’s relationships, professional life, and mental and physical health. 

In addition to sharing her wisdom, this podcast also includes interviews with people sharing their stories of overcoming substance use disorder.

10. The Addicted Mind

This podcast examines how the brain works with addiction and recovery. Hosted by Duane Osterlin, LMFT, CSAT, he focuses on the science behind addiction. Guests include neuroscientists and mental health experts discussing treatment options.

11. The Way Out | A Sobriety & Recovery Podcast

This podcast offers a variety of discussions and interviews addressing sober living. The goal is to help people “jumpstart” their sobriety and deal with the challenges of recovery.

For Women

12. The Bubble Hour

Since 2013, Jean McCarthy has hosted this podcast that interviews sober guests. Her goal is to break the stigma of AUD and inform and educate people about substance abuse.

13. A Sober Girls Guide

Host Jessica Jeboult discusses her challenges during her decade of attempts to stay sober. She discusses health, relationships, sex, and more. 

14. Sisters Who Followed the Yam

Hosted by Khadi Olagoke, founder of the Sober Black Girls Club, this podcast offers resources and inspiration. Olagoke and her co-host Taquiyyah discuss addiction, self-esteem, racism, personal development, and fear.


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For Men

15. Brobriety Sobriety Podcast

This podcast discusses sobriety and masculinity. Host VanSober interviews guests about mental health, physical wellness, and substance use from a male perspective.

16. That Sober Guy Podcast

Since 2014, this podcast has offered tips to men who want to quit drinking and find purpose. There are more than 400 episodes of related content, including interviews and discussions. 

The goal of the podcast has been to help men live without alcohol and become better fathers, husbands, friends, entrepreneurs, and leaders.


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LGBTQ Podcasts

17. The Sober Gay Podcast

Offering an LGBTQ perspective on sober living, friends Aubrey Lee and Dillan Gay take a “new age” and holistic mental wellness approach to sober living. They cover a wide range of topics to empower listeners to take control of their lives.

18. Getting Your Shi* Together

Hosted by queer writer, photographer, and military brat Cynthia, this podcast looks at sober living during your 30s. Cynthia covers topics that range from sobriety to guilt, shame, toxic relationships, and self-acceptance.

For Anyone Who Cares about Someone with an Addiction

19. Saving You is Killing Me

This podcast is for anyone who has ever loved someone with an addiction. Host Andrea Seydel dealt with a drug-addicted boyfriend for years. 

She’s now a life coach and offers insight via her podcast to help people watching someone struggle with addiction. Her goal is to let these people know they’re not alone in their effort to embrace a sober lifestyle.

20. The Co-Dependency Survival Guide

In this podcast, host Dante Hitt helps people in unhealthy relationships make themselves a priority. It addresses those in relationships with alcoholics and drug addicts, as well as other challenges.

Additional Sobriety Resources

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn and connect to other sober people. However, they aren’t the only option when it comes to sobriety. For some, listening to a podcast is just a small part of recovery.

If you or a loved one struggles with drinking too much, or you’d like to find a formal support program to help you overcome alcohol use disorder, consider professional treatment. Some of the best treatment approaches available include:

  • Inpatient treatment: An intensive treatment option that provides full-time supervision in a sober living environment. 
  • Outpatient treatment: Treatment option combining access to many of the tools used during inpatient treatment, but without full-time supervision or overnight stays. 
  • Therapy and counseling: Used alone or in conjunction with other treatment tools to address reasons for addiciton, develop healthier coping skills, and strengthen a person’s support system.

12-step programs: Programs that provide access to peer support using the traditional approach introduced by Alcoholics’ Anonymous.

Updated on March 3, 2023
Updated on March 3, 2023
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