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The Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in South Hill, VA

Written by Alcohol Rehab Help Writing Staff

Choosing the best alcohol rehab for you or a loved one is challenging. You need custom treatment that is tailored to your needs. Alcohol Rehab Help is committed to connecting people to the best alcohol rehab center near them. We reviewed 15 alcohol rehab centers and chose this list based on:

  • Treatment options
  • Staff credentials
  • Location and Facilities
  • Insurance and payment options
  • Reviews and testimonials

Be sure to choose a facility with a good reputation that fits your specific needs. 

Here are the top alcohol rehab centers near South Hill.

4 Best Alcohol Rehabs in South Hill, VA

5477 Mooretown Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188

The Farley Center

5477 Mooretown Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188

3.8 out of 5 ( reviews)


The Farley Center is highly recommended by several reviewers who credit it with saving their lives and providing them with the tools to overcome their addiction. The staff is described as compassionate and experienced, with many peer recovery specialists being in recovery themselves. The facilities and meals are praised, and the group therapy sessions are credited with helping participants address underlying issues related to their addiction. However, one reviewer had a negative experience, claiming that the center did not properly address their loved one's dual diagnosis needs and caused further harm by taking them off necessary medication.

Review Highlights


  • Compassionate and caring staff: The staff at the Farley Center is described as compassionate, caring, and involved. They are also reported to be recovered addicts and alcoholics themselves, which adds an understanding and relatable element to their approach.
  • Effective therapy and educational groups: The group therapy and educational groups at the Farley Center are commended for their effectiveness in helping individuals break through to the core issues of their alcohol abuse, learn about addiction, and develop essential skills for recovery.
  • Top-notch facilities and amenities: The facilities at the Farley Center are highly praised, with the review mentioning a four-star environment, beautiful apartments, and top-of-the-line facilities. The meals are also described as terrific.

125 Knotbreak Rd, Salem, VA 24153

Mount Regis Center

125 Knotbreak Rd, Salem, VA 24153

4.1 out of 5 ( reviews)


Review 1: The reviewer entered Mt. Regis and has been sober for over 4 years, crediting the respectful treatment and counseling with helping them achieve an alcohol-free lifestyle. They highly recommend the program to those sincerely seeking recovery. Review 2: The reviewer strongly advises against choosing Mt. Regis, claiming that out of 100 people, only 2 remain sober for life. They also had a negative experience with repeating classes and meetings and are owed money by the facility. They feel that Mt. Regis preys on vulnerable individuals. Review 3: The reviewer's son had a troubling experience at Mt. Regis. They criticize the lack of available psychiatrists and blame the center for their son's worsening condition due to ineffective medication. They mention their son being abruptly discharged at night, leading to dangerous situations and an arrest for public drunkenness. They express serious concern and advise against sending anyone, especially a child, to the facility.

Review Highlights


  • Positive treatment experience: One reviewer mentioned being treated respectfully and with care by the staff, and credited the program with helping them achieve long-term sobriety.
  • Comprehensive approach: The same reviewer mentioned that classes, groups, and one-on-one counseling provided them with the necessary tools to understand their addictions and live a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

2604 N Parham Rd, Richmond, VA 23294

True Recovery RVA

2604 N Parham Rd, Richmond, VA 23294

4.5 out of 5 ( reviews)


Based on the reviews, this alcohol rehab and treatment center seems to have a knowledgeable and caring staff who provide excellent support and guidance to clients. The center also offers a variety of therapy options and a clean and comfortable environment. However, there may be some room for improvement in terms of post-treatment support and follow-up care.

Review Highlights


  • Highly qualified and experienced staff: Several reviews mentioned the center's staff as being knowledgeable, caring, and supportive. This indicates that the center has a dedicated team of professionals who are experienced in helping individuals overcome alcohol addiction.
  • Comprehensive treatment approach: Multiple reviews mentioned the center offering a holistic approach to treatment, which includes not only detoxification but also therapy, counseling, and aftercare support. This suggests that the center focuses on addressing the underlying causes of addiction and provides a well-rounded treatment program.
  • Comfortable and serene environment: A few reviews specifically mentioned the center's serene and welcoming atmosphere, contributing to a positive healing experience. This suggests that the center offers a peaceful environment, contributing to a comfortable and tranquil recovery process.

1729 Wildwood Dr # 103, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Inspiration Health Addiction Treatment Center

1729 Wildwood Dr # 103, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

5 out of 5 ( reviews)


The alcohol rehab and treatment center received multiple positive reviews from previous patients. They praised the center for its specialized approach in treating alcohol addiction, highlighting the effectiveness of the program. Many reviewers expressed gratitude for the knowledgeable and supportive staff, as well as the comfortable and welcoming environment provided by the center.

Review Highlights


  • Highly experienced and dedicated staff: Several reviews highlight the center's staff as being knowledgeable, caring, and committed to providing excellent care and support for alcohol addiction treatment. This can be reassuring for individuals seeking professional and effective help for their alcohol addiction.
  • Comprehensive treatment programs: The center offers a wide range of treatment programs catered specifically to alcohol addiction. Reviews mention various therapy options, including individual counseling, group sessions, and holistic approaches. This variety allows for a personalized and holistic treatment plan, increasing the chances of successful recovery.

Alcohol Rehab FAQs

1. What should I bring with me to rehab?

Rehab facilities generally provide what you need to live daily life, so you don’t need to bring a lot with you. 

However, most facilities advise bringing:

  • Hygiene items
  • Personal items
  • A couple creature comforts of home. 

You can check with the specific facility you’ve chosen for more information about what you’ll need for your stay.

2. Can my family visit?

This depends on what alcohol rehab center you choose.

Most rehab centers invite family members to visit at some point, but there might be specific visitation dates and/or times. 

Some establishments limit visitation privileges early in the rehab process.

3. Does rehab cure addiction?

One of the first things you’ll learn when you begin rehab treatment is that there is no cure for addiction. 

There is always a risk of relapse and in many cases, relapse is considered a normal part of recovery. 

However, going to alcohol rehab gives you the best possible chance of overcoming your addiction. You’ll learn strategies, gain tools, and start building a community to empower you on your recovery journey.

4. Can I use medication to treat addiction?

There are some prescription medications available for treating alcohol addiction.

These medications decrease the risk of serious health complications, reduce the symptoms of detox, and minimize cravings for the substance. 

Many rehab centers use medication-assisted treatment programs. However, this varies from center to center.

5. Does rehab work?

Research shows that rehab is very effective for helping people remain sober. 

No treatment approach is 100 percent effective. However, people who participate in rehab programs have the best chance at long-term sobriety.

6. Do I need rehab?

Determining whether rehab can help you or a loved one is a personal decision that requires an assessment of many different factors. 

Chances are, if you’re wondering if rehab would help you, it probably would.

If you suspect you need rehab, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you think you should or do you want to cut back on how much you drink?
  • Do people criticize or comment on your alcohol use?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about drinking?
  • Do you ever have a drink first thing in the morning or wake up craving alcohol?
  • Have you tried to quit drinking and failed?
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