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Updated on August 18, 2023
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Alcohol Addiction Resources in Texas

Substance abuse is a common and continuous problem in Texas. Nearly eight of every 100 Texans have a substance use disorder. 1

Fortunately, there are plenty of available options to help. Texas rehab centers provide an ideal opportunity for those suffering from addiction to recover in a therapeutic environment.

The state of Texas offers various rehab services, specialized treatment programs, and state-funded rehabs tailored to your needs. If you or someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse, this can be a big step to recovery.

Since every facility is unique, finding the best program for you can be overwhelming. With that in mind, we’ve written a list of rehab centers in Texas that you can look through.

State-Funded Alcohol Abuse Resources

When seeking treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, many people have a hard time doing it because of the cost. However, there are options for people struggling with addiction who can’t afford rehab or have no health insurance.

State-funded drug and alcohol rehab centers are readily available and provide free drug and alcohol rehab services. Essentially, these state-funded programs are addiction treatment facilities funded by tax dollars.

These programs are great for people who can’t afford such treatments or who don’t have sufficient insurance coverage.

Here are a few notable state-funded rehabs in Texas.

Austin Recovery
4201 S Congress Ave #202
Austin, TX 78745

Adapt Programs
950 Washington Blvd. Suite B-1
Beaumont, TX 77705

West Texas Center for MHMR
126 State St 
Winters, TX 79567

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley
3553 W Houston Harte Expy
San Angelo, TX 76901

Helen Farabee Regional MHC Headstream Center
1201 North 1st Street, Suite A
Haskell, TX 79521

Support Groups in New Texas

People who are in treatment for alcoholism typically need additional support. Having a community to support you can help in overcoming addiction. A community can also help those helping you get better.

Support groups, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other alcohol dependency recovery organizations are essential to sobriety. These groups can help people in recovery avoid relapses by providing empathy and care when they need it the most.

Brazos Valley Intergroup
837 N Harvey Mitchell Pkwy (FM 2818)
Bryan, Texas 77807

Alcoholics Anonymous Central Service Office in Tyler
3800 Paluxy Dr #401
Tyler, TX 75703

Central Office Of Ft. Worth
3001 West 5th St #200,
Fort Worth, TX 76107

SMART Recovery 4-Point Program
36048 62nd St
Fort Hood, TX, 76544

SMART Recovery 4-Point Program
195 FM 1441
Bastrop, TX, 78602
+1 512-727-7788 

VA Benefits & Rehab Coverage in Texas

Military life can be a challenging and unique experience. Civilians won’t necessarily relate to what military personnel endured during their time in the armed forces. 

Due to the unique stressors of military service, members of the armed forces are more likely than the average American to struggle with substance abuse.

Veterans Affairs benefits and rehab can provide a lot of help to retired military personnel struggling with alcoholism. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), alcohol serves as a coping mechanism after deployment. 

Here are a few rehab centers that offer VA benefits in Texas.

MHMR Services for the Concho Valley Adult Outpatient Clinic
1501 W. Beauregard,
San Angelo, TX 76901

West Texas Center for MHMR
126 State St. 
Winters, TX 79567

StarCare Specialty Health System
Sunrise Canyon Complex
1950 Aspen Ave. 
Lubbock, TX 

George H. O'Brien, Jr., Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
300 Veterans Boulevard
Big Spring, TX 79720-5566

National Resources

Plenty of national services and resources provide guidance on many issues. One of these issues is alcohol and substance abuse.

These agencies can provide a variety of aid from family support to Alcoholics Anonymous. National services can provide the necessary support and resources catered to your needs.

These services can help with substance abuse, mental health, and other emergencies such as suicide crisis lines. Here’s a list of services that can help you.  

Suicide Crisis Line

Veteran Crisis Line
Dial: 988 and press 1
Text: 838255 

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) 

Find A Health Center 

NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator 

Updated on August 18, 2023
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Updated on August 18, 2023
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