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The Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Olive Branch, MS

Written by Alcohol Rehab Help Writing Staff

Choosing the best alcohol rehab for you or a loved one is challenging. You need custom treatment that is tailored to your needs. Alcohol Rehab Help is committed to connecting people to the best alcohol rehab center near them. We reviewed 26 alcohol rehab centers and chose this list based on:

  • Treatment options
  • Staff credentials
  • Location and Facilities
  • Insurance and payment options
  • Reviews and testimonials

Be sure to choose a facility with a good reputation that fits your specific needs. 

Here are the top alcohol rehab centers near Olive Branch.

4 Best Alcohol Rehabs in Olive Branch, MS

297 Co Rd 244, Etta, MS 38627

Oxford Treatment Center

297 Co Rd 244, Etta, MS 38627

4.4 out of 5 ( reviews)


The Oxford Treatment Center is highly praised for its caring staff, five-star food, and helpful classes. Many reviewers credit the center with saving their lives and express gratitude to specific staff members who made a difference in their recovery journey. While there are some complaints about certain nurses and the food quality, overall, the program is regarded as effective and the facility is beautiful and well-maintained.

Review Highlights


  • Highly capable and caring staff: Many reviewers praised the staff at the Oxford Treatment Center for their professionalism, care, and genuine concern for the patients. Staff members were recognized by name, indicating their positive impact on patients' recovery journeys.
  • Life-changing experience: Several reviewers mentioned that their time at the center was a turning point in their lives. They expressed gratitude for the tools and guidance they received, highlighting the positive impact on their recovery from alcohol addiction.
  • Beautiful facilities and engaging activities: The campus was described as beautiful and the facilities as comfortable and state-of-the-art. Reviewers appreciated the variety of activities offered, such as nature walks, horseback riding, and obstacle courses, which made their recovery experience more engaging and enjoyable.

340 Stateline Rd W, Southaven, MS 38671

Vertava Health

340 Stateline Rd W, Southaven, MS 38671

4.5 out of 5 ( reviews)


Vertava Health is praised for its caring and supportive staff who go above and beyond to create a safe and stable environment for patients. They are commended for their holistic approach to treatment and for believing in the patients' potential for recovery even when they didn't believe in themselves. Turning Point is highly recommended for its exceptional customer service, particularly the efforts of employee Julie Christopher to secure treatment for a friend. The center itself is described as having excellent accommodations and staff, with the program being credited with saving lives and offering ongoing support even after treatment.

Review Highlights


  • The staff genuinely cares about the well-being of the patients and goes above and beyond to provide support and assistance.
  • The rehab center provides a safe and stable environment, and offers valuable lessons on self-improvement and personal growth.
  • The accommodations and staff at the facility are highly praised, with multiple reviewers expressing gratitude for the positive impact on their lives.

720 Oak Grove Rd Bldg #3, Mantachie, MS 38855

Extra Mile Recovery – Drug & Alcohol Detox Center

720 Oak Grove Rd Bldg #3, Mantachie, MS 38855

4.8 out of 5 ( reviews)


Extra Mile Recovery is praised for providing excellent care and resources for addiction recovery, including trauma therapy and support for maintaining a healthy recovery lifestyle. One reviewer expresses gratitude for their 10 months of active recovery and credits the center for their newfound sobriety. Another reviewer commends the center for facilitating a miraculous experience, urging others not to miss the opportunity to change their lives. A third reviewer highlights the exceptional support and dedication of the staff, particularly Jamie, who is described as a true Godsend in helping both the reviewer and their son through their struggles with addiction.

Review Highlights


  • Expertise in trauma therapy: The center offers trauma therapy from experts in the field of addiction recovery, providing resources to understand addiction, trauma, and codependency.
  • Supportive and caring staff: The staff at the center are described as caring and going above and beyond, providing help not only for the patient's recovery but also for the family members struggling to save their loved one.

8900 Delta Blfs Cv, Walls, MS 38680

New Season Treatment Center – Desoto County

8900 Delta Blfs Cv, Walls, MS 38680

3.9 out of 5 ( reviews)


The alcohol rehab and treatment center received positive feedback from multiple reviewers, with many praising the knowledgeable and compassionate staff. Reviewers also noted the center's comprehensive treatment programs and comfortable facilities. Overall, the center seems to provide a supportive and effective environment for individuals seeking treatment for alcohol addiction.

Review Highlights


  • Comprehensive and personalized treatment: Multiple reviews mention that this alcohol rehab and treatment center provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to treatment. This indicates that the center takes into account each individual's specific needs and designs a tailored plan to address their unique challenges with alcohol addiction.
  • Supportive and caring staff: Several reviews highlight the caring and supportive nature of the staff at this alcohol rehab and treatment center. This suggests that patients can expect compassionate and understanding professionals who are dedicated to helping them through their recovery journey.
  • Holistic approach: A few reviews mention that this center takes a holistic approach to treatment, addressing not only the physical aspects of alcohol addiction but also the emotional and mental well-being of patients. This indicates that they focus on treating the person as a whole, resulting in a more comprehensive and effective recovery experience.

Alcohol Rehab FAQs

1. What should I bring with me to rehab?

Rehab facilities generally provide what you need to live daily life, so you don’t need to bring a lot with you. 

However, most facilities advise bringing:

  • Hygiene items
  • Personal items
  • A couple creature comforts of home. 

You can check with the specific facility you’ve chosen for more information about what you’ll need for your stay.

2. Can my family visit?

This depends on what alcohol rehab center you choose.

Most rehab centers invite family members to visit at some point, but there might be specific visitation dates and/or times. 

Some establishments limit visitation privileges early in the rehab process.

3. Does rehab cure addiction?

One of the first things you’ll learn when you begin rehab treatment is that there is no cure for addiction. 

There is always a risk of relapse and in many cases, relapse is considered a normal part of recovery. 

However, going to alcohol rehab gives you the best possible chance of overcoming your addiction. You’ll learn strategies, gain tools, and start building a community to empower you on your recovery journey.

4. Can I use medication to treat addiction?

There are some prescription medications available for treating alcohol addiction.

These medications decrease the risk of serious health complications, reduce the symptoms of detox, and minimize cravings for the substance. 

Many rehab centers use medication-assisted treatment programs. However, this varies from center to center.

5. Does rehab work?

Research shows that rehab is very effective for helping people remain sober. 

No treatment approach is 100 percent effective. However, people who participate in rehab programs have the best chance at long-term sobriety.

6. Do I need rehab?

Determining whether rehab can help you or a loved one is a personal decision that requires an assessment of many different factors. 

Chances are, if you’re wondering if rehab would help you, it probably would.

If you suspect you need rehab, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you think you should or do you want to cut back on how much you drink?
  • Do people criticize or comment on your alcohol use?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about drinking?
  • Do you ever have a drink first thing in the morning or wake up craving alcohol?
  • Have you tried to quit drinking and failed?
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