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Alcohol Rehab Help connects you directly to a treatment specialist.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, the first step is reaching out for help.
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Step-by-Step Intake Process

Step 1
Answer Some Questions
When you call our number, you'll be connected to an addiction specialist at American Addiction Centers They will ask about your (or your loved one's) medical history, current environment, and substance abuse history.
Step 2
Explore Insurance Options
Once you've answered a few questions, your addiction specialist will discuss your insurance coverage. They'll help you understand your benefits and answer any questions about payment.
Step 3
Understand Your Treatment Options
Your specialist will then review your treatment options. Everyone has different needs and comes from different situations. Understanding the components of each program is crucial to choosing the best treatment.
Making the Commitment
If you or your loved one is ready for treatment, the addiction specialist will help you finalize the decision. They'll help you prepare for rehab and get you ready to start your journey to recovery.
Ready to start? We’re ready to help.
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Begin your journey towards lasting recovery
Call us (855) 772-9047
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