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The Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Destin, FL

Written by Alcohol Rehab Help Writing Staff

Choosing the best alcohol rehab for you or a loved one is challenging. You need custom treatment that is tailored to your needs. Alcohol Rehab Help is committed to connecting people to the best alcohol rehab center near them. We reviewed 16 alcohol rehab centers and chose this list based on:

  • Treatment options
  • Staff credentials
  • Location and Facilities
  • Insurance and payment options
  • Reviews and testimonials

Be sure to choose a facility with a good reputation that fits your specific needs. 

Here are the top alcohol rehab centers near Destin.

4 Best Alcohol Rehabs in Destin, FL

22219 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, FL 32413

JourneyPure — Florida Alcohol & Drug Rehab

22219 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, FL 32413

4.6 out of 5 ( reviews)


Overall, the majority of reviews for Journey Pure are positive. Many reviewers praise the caring and supportive staff, with specific mentions of nurses and life coaches who made a significant impact on their recovery. The emphasis on dual diagnosis and mental health treatment is also appreciated. However, there are a couple of negative reviews expressing concerns about the cost of treatment and one review mentioning an unfortunate event after discharge.

Review Highlights


  • Caring and Supportive Staff: Multiple reviewers mentioned that the staff at Journey Pure was caring and supportive, going above and beyond to provide comfort and guidance throughout their recovery journeys.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: One reviewer highlighted that Journey Pure is a dual diagnosis facility, which means they prioritize mental health and stability along with sobriety. This comprehensive approach can be beneficial for individuals struggling with both addiction and mental health issues.

2068 Health Care Ave, Navarre, FL 32566

Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

2068 Health Care Ave, Navarre, FL 32566

3.7 out of 5 ( reviews)


The majority of the reviews for Twelve Oaks, an alcohol rehab and treatment center, are overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers mention the focus on addiction, mental health, and behavior, as well as the clean facility and approachable staff. They express gratitude for the tools, resources, and transformative experiences provided by the center. However, one negative review mentions issues with cleanliness, inappropriate relationships between patients, and staff indifference towards the concerns raised. Overall, the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, highlighting the effectiveness of the program and the dedication of the staff.

Review Highlights


  • Focus on addiction, mental health, behavior, and overall health, providing comprehensive treatment.
  • Clean facility, approachable staff, and relaxing location.
  • Variety of group sessions and one-on-one counseling with knowledgeable and trained staff.
  • Transformative therapies such as EMDR.
  • Stunning campus with waterfront, beachfront, and recreational areas.
  • Quality and diverse meals provided.
  • Attentive nursing staff and professional techs.
  • Extensive aftercare and discharge planning with readily available resources.
  • Lifesaving impact, gratitude, and commitment to recovery expressed by former patients.

356 Nellie Dr, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Haven House Addiction Recovery

356 Nellie Dr, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

4.4 out of 5 ( reviews)


The Haven House is praised for its ability to provide hope and support to individuals struggling with addiction, even when other options seemed unavailable. The reviewer credits their sobriety to the center's guidance and the presence of a higher power. Overall, the Haven House is seen as a valuable resource for those seeking recovery from alcohol addiction.

Review Highlights


  • Acceptance and Support: The Haven House provided support and acceptance to a reviewer who felt hopeless and had been turned away by others. They took them in when no one else would and gave them hope.
  • Tools for Sobriety: The reviewer mentioned that the Haven House provided all the necessary tools for them to stay sober. This indicates that the center offers effective strategies and resources for addiction recovery.

1800 N Palafox St, Pensacola, FL 32501

Lakeview Center Medication-Assisted Treatment - Pensacola

1800 N Palafox St, Pensacola, FL 32501

4.1 out of 5 ( reviews)


The alcohol rehab and treatment center received positive feedback from multiple reviewers, who highlighted the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. Clients appreciated the variety of therapy options provided, including individual counseling and group sessions. The center was also commended for its comfortable and clean facilities, creating a supportive and conducive environment for recovery.

Review Highlights


  • Highly qualified and experienced staff: Several reviews mention the center's staff as being knowledgeable and supportive in alcohol addiction treatment. This indicates that clients can expect to receive care from professionals who are trained to effectively address their addiction needs.
  • Comprehensive treatment approach: Multiple reviews highlight the center's comprehensive treatment approach, which includes a combination of therapy, counseling, and support groups. This suggests that clients can benefit from a well-rounded treatment plan that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of their alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Rehab FAQs

1. What should I bring with me to rehab?

Rehab facilities generally provide what you need to live daily life, so you don’t need to bring a lot with you. 

However, most facilities advise bringing:

  • Hygiene items
  • Personal items
  • A couple creature comforts of home. 

You can check with the specific facility you’ve chosen for more information about what you’ll need for your stay.

2. Can my family visit?

This depends on what alcohol rehab center you choose.

Most rehab centers invite family members to visit at some point, but there might be specific visitation dates and/or times. 

Some establishments limit visitation privileges early in the rehab process.

3. Does rehab cure addiction?

One of the first things you’ll learn when you begin rehab treatment is that there is no cure for addiction. 

There is always a risk of relapse and in many cases, relapse is considered a normal part of recovery. 

However, going to alcohol rehab gives you the best possible chance of overcoming your addiction. You’ll learn strategies, gain tools, and start building a community to empower you on your recovery journey.

4. Can I use medication to treat addiction?

There are some prescription medications available for treating alcohol addiction.

These medications decrease the risk of serious health complications, reduce the symptoms of detox, and minimize cravings for the substance. 

Many rehab centers use medication-assisted treatment programs. However, this varies from center to center.

5. Does rehab work?

Research shows that rehab is very effective for helping people remain sober. 

No treatment approach is 100 percent effective. However, people who participate in rehab programs have the best chance at long-term sobriety.

6. Do I need rehab?

Determining whether rehab can help you or a loved one is a personal decision that requires an assessment of many different factors. 

Chances are, if you’re wondering if rehab would help you, it probably would.

If you suspect you need rehab, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you think you should or do you want to cut back on how much you drink?
  • Do people criticize or comment on your alcohol use?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about drinking?
  • Do you ever have a drink first thing in the morning or wake up craving alcohol?
  • Have you tried to quit drinking and failed?
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